Tina Cannon ‘Why I’m Running’

I’m running for Congress because Washington DC needs a fearless conservative who will do what’s right, who will vote with integrity, honesty and ethics, and who will hold strong to constitutional principles: a representative who leads with Utah values.

I am running for Congress because I believe we need to get the federal government out of our way so that we can grow and prosper. As a small business owner, I have seen first-hand that when government gets involved, it stops us from being able to expand to a new location, raise wages, or hire that next employee.

I’m running for Congress because I want to provide a future of promise and limitless opportunity for my children, AND every child. As a twice elected representative, I worked hand in hand with the communities in my county to foster their local control and their decision making. In Washington, I will fight against the federal government’s "one solution fits all" policies and keep decision making power in the hands of local communities.

I am running for Congress to continue being a tireless advocate for national defense and the aerospace industry. Locally, that means working to strengthen Hill Air Force Base and in Washington I won’t back down from bolstering our national defense.

I’m running for Congress because over two thirds of Utah’s is owned by the federal government and it has to be controlled and managed by the people who live and work near it – for the good of our school children and our environment.

I am running for Congress because I’m a fearless conservative, because I believe in local control, and because our children deserve a bright and secure future.

I look forward to visiting each and every county in the district over the next few months, and to earning your vote along the way.

All my best,